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Anterior Hip Replacement

Pam, 62, had been suffering from hip pain for 7 years and was unable to walk without pain medication. She underwent anterior hip replacement with Dr. Zeegen. “I could walk up a stadium like I did to see my grandson hit a homerun yesterday and clap and jump up and down. Do not wait and do not hesitate like I did.”

By - Pam

Knee Replacement

Mark, 68, a retired orthopedic surgeon, had severe osteoarthritis of the right knee from a parachute jumping accident. He was not able to ride his bike or to go up and down stairs without a severe limp. He had knee joint replacement with Dr. Zeegen. “The outcome was excellent. I was back riding my bike within a month and I was able to do stairs without any discomfort…. all the patients that come to me for orthopedic questions, I refer to Dr. Zeegen now.”

By - Mark

Posterior Hip Replacement

Earlene, 58, had a right hip replacement by Dr. Zeegen due to severe pain and disability. “After 2-1/2 weeks I was walking on my own and went to Disney Land for 4 days just 8 weeks after surgery”

By - Earlene

Anterior Hip Replacement

Margit, 58, had anterior hip replacement by Dr. Zeegen. She had a lot of pain prior to surgery and was living off pain medication. “I did quite a bit of research to make sure that he was the qualified physician that I really wanted …. I started golfing again 2-1/2 months after my surgery. It was like I had a brand-new hip from when I was a teenager.”

By - Margit

Bilateral Knee Replacement

Shirley, 55, had knee replacement with Dr. Zeegen and is awaiting surgery on her other knee. “I want people not to be afraid and to know that there is a doctor out there who is really caring and will take excellent care of them….It’s like family coming here. I am thrilled with my surgery.”

By - Shirley

Anterior Hip Replacement

Fred, 53, had left anterior hip replacement due to left hip and groin pain. “Fourteen weeks postop and I am beck to work. I stand 8-9 hours a day and I am doing so with no problem whatsoever.”

By - Fred

Bilateral Posterior Hip Replacements

Bill, 45, had both his hip replaced with Dr. Zeegen. Before surgery, he was in pain and even had trouble getting in and out of a car. “I was amazed at how fast the recovery time actually was…I would absolutely recommend Dr. Zeegen without hesitation. He did both hips. If I had three, I would have him do that one too.”

By - Bill

Bilateral Posterior Hip Replacements and Knee Replacement

Pattara, 34, had both hips as well as the right knee replaced. She has a history of surgical and medical complications that resulted in osteonecrosis and joint damage at an early age requiring multiple joint replacement surgery. “Dr. Zeegen did such a great job and I’m back at work again…Without him I wouldn’t have been able to restart my life again”

By - Pattara

Knee Replacement

James, 67, had knee replacement on both legs. Just before surgery the pain got so bad that the leg was getting stiff. “Everybody was so amazed at how rapidly I recovered, in 10 days, and I was walking without a cane…I just completed a 3-week tour of DC and Virginia and walked through miles of museums and other attractions”

By - James

Bilateral Knee Replacements

Natalie, 88, has been a patient of Dr. Zeegen for several years. She had a lot of pain in her knees with difficulty standing or walking. She had her right knee done first and then her left. “I am now able to run, walk and dance…I also swim every day….My knees are in such great shape and I can’t thank him enough.”

By - Natalie