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As a an industry leader in orthopedic surgery in Los Angeles, Dr. Erik Zeegen has transformed the lives of many joint replacement patients using the latest techniques in hip and knee replacement surgery. By using advanced techniques like the direct anterior approach for hip replacement, less invasive total and partial knee replacement with robotic arm assistance, patients can experience a rapid recovery, recover at home with minimal hospital stay, and return to a healthy, active lifestyle.

  • How Vitamin D Affects Your Bone Health

    For strong and healthy bones, it is necessary that your diet is well balanced with adequate protein, minerals, and vitamins for the production and regeneration of bone.

  • Think You Might Need a Total Knee Replacement? Maybe Not!

    When suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee, every step you take can be a painful reminder of your limited mobility.

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  • Is There Such Thing as Outpatient Total Joint Surgery?

    Replacing an irreparably damaged joint with an artificial one used to require extensive surgery. You would also have a painful recovery...

  • 5 Myths About Knee Replacement Surgery

    Is knee pain hampering your lifestyle? Have you given up on fun activities because you don’t want to deal with knee pain...

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