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Monthly Archives: December 2016

5 Myths About Knee Replacement Surgery

Is knee pain hampering your lifestyle? Have you given up on fun activities because you don’t want to deal with knee pain that occurs afterwards? You may have heard of knee replacement surgery, but are not sure about whether it is suitable for you. Here are 5 myths about knee replacement that could be preventing […]

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6 Benefits of Direct Anterior Hip Replacement

If you have injured your hip or are suffering from degenerative joint disease causing significant hip pain and limitation of movement with little or no relief from conservative therapy, you may be a candidate for a hip replacement procedure. In the past, hip replacement surgery was considered an option only for older individuals; however, with […]

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The 5 Most Important Questions to Ask Your Orthopedic Surgeon

Most patients prefer to receive treatment from doctors who are well qualified and have had several years of experience in their field of expertise. They would also like all their options clearly explained. No one would like to undergo a total joint replacement only to find out later that a partial joint replacement would have […]

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